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Shoalhaven Hunting Club was formed on the 10th of December 1996 by 3 committee members of the Shoalhaven branch of The Shooters Party. The first meeting was held on February the 17th 1997 where the inaugural committee was appointed. More recently the Club has confirmed its political neutrality, instead shifting its advocacy functions towards raising awareness of the vital service conducted by hunters and the minimal negative environmental impacts of hunting versus other control methods.

Since its initial formation in 1996, the Club has had a strong presence in all aspects of feral animal control in the Shoalhaven and beyond. We have serviced hundreds of properties from Bega and Bombala in the south to Wagga Wagga and Bathurst in the west and Wollongong in the north.

"Shoalhaven Hunting Club has been servicing south-eastern NSW since 1996"

Going Digital

By 2016, the Club had grown to such a size that it was decided that all aspects of membership management needed to go digital to improve the experience for members and optimise the efficiency of the Club in placing members on properties.

Throughout 2017, the Committee set up a comprehensive membership platform. By 2018, the next step was to set up a digital system of hunting property management. The trial stage of the digital property management system went live in mid 2019 with full operational capacity expected by late 2019. The new system allows streamlined management of member attendances on Club hunting properties as well as allows direct involvement of landholders in setting hunt schedules.

Management Reforms

As an approved hunting club, the Club plays a significant role in the firearms and hunting licensing of Members. Early experience showed the Committee needed to have significant supervisory powers to administer its statutory responsibilities. Similarly, experience with property management indicated that a system of shared responsibility between the Committee and Club Members would optimise the experience for property owners.

In early 2019, major reforms were passed to strengthen the supervisory powers of the Committee as well as greatly improve operational transparency. This has led to a clear understanding of Committee duties and procedures and has greatly improved the experience of both Members and property owners.

"Digitisation & major governance reforms have optimised the Club's management"


President - Rodney Haley

Rod is a former butcher with over 30 years experience. He brings a great wealth of information to the Club about all aspects of butchering, tanning, knife sharpening and maintenance. Rod has also been hunter nearly his whole life and is always willing to share his knowledge of rifle capabilities, scopes, and night vision gear.

Vice President - Wayne Fitzsimmons

Wayne currently runs Extreme Outdoor Sports - the firearms dealership in South Nowra. His constant work with rifles and bows has given him extensive knowledge of the performance of all the major brands and he can readily advise which rifles and ammunition are most suitable for each hunter's needs.

Wayne also has over 10 years experience as a hunter and has serviced many properties in the local area.

Secretary - Leonard White

Len is a lawyer by profession with a keen interest in environmental conservation and agricultural productivity. He has only recently become involved with hunting having previously spent many years in bush regeneration. Len brings a professional level of management to the Club as well as lots of knowledge of local flora, fauna and the issues with feral animals.

Treasurer - Matthew Solway

To be completed...

Property Coordinator (Information) & Media Officer - Michael Squires

To be completed...

Hunt Manager - Position currently vacant

Bio coming when the position is filled!

Hunting Trainer - Rad Tyrrell

Rad has spent nearly his whole life hunting. First as a pig dog hunter and more recently focusing on hunting with rifles. Rad's extensive experience means he is readily able to identify signs of ferals and other game as well as ascertain the best way to get them. Rad shoots on properties locally as well as more remote such as western NSW and southern QLD. He also as lots of experience with field dressing game and is always willing to pass his hunting knowledge on to others. Rad has also obtained his Firearms Safety Trainers accreditation and is now one of the Club's licence trainers.

Dapto Representative - Peter Moore

To be completed...

General Committee - Peter & Kerry McCormack

To be completed...

Dapto Representative - Graham Dibley

To be completed...

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