Shoalhaven Hunting Club


Effective and Humane Removal of Feral Animals

More than sHOOTING

"Shoalhaven Hunting Club uses the best rifles, bows, traps, field surveillance equipment and night vision gear to maximise our effectiveness against feral animals."


The Club holds $20 million of public liability insurance through Marsh Advantage. This covers all Members and Landowners for any loss or injury to people, property and stock. While the Club has never had to make a claim, feel confident in the knowledge that all Club authorised hunting activities are covered.

Our comprehensive risk assessment and online property booking system ensures the safety and accountability of all Members. We take away the hassle of verifying that your hunters are licensed, trained and insured.

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Get the Best Results

Our Members have nearly every kind of hunting equipment available. Depending on your specific needs, we can:

  • offer field camera surveillance to learn the behaviours of the feral animals on your property

  • bring in bows or air rifles

  • set up cage and soft jaw traps

  • use infrared or thermal night vision to get the more tricky ferals

Be Confident

All our Members are trained within the Club. This ensures that they surpass the minimum levels of safety and skill required by the regulatory authorites. It means you will also know that only the best, most trustworthy hunters are on your property. And it's absolutely FREE!!!

Comparison between the Club & private shooters:

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Property Booking Process

Stay in Control

We fully appreciated that we are guests on your property. You set the rules. Our system of servicing properties ensures that you are always in control of who attends, when they attend, where they go and what they do. Unlike other Clubs, we also try to ensure that you deal with the same Club contact every time. This way you get a fully customised service and the confidence of knowing with whom you are dealing.

Our administration process gives the flexibility to allow you to be directly involved. You can set hunting dates in advance, request specific steps be taken and even meet with Members beforehand.

For a more passive approach, our Hunt Manager and Property Coordinator can set up a servicing schedule based on their expert assessment of your property's needs.

Most importantly, we always know what Members are on what properties and keep a stringent level of supervision over their activities.